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[email protected] is Now On the Whitelist! | Poll Passed and Was Validated

# In Short The [[email protected] whitelist poll]( has ended! The poll passed and was validated, and so the project is now on the whitelist. It will be included in the next [superblock](! # Poll Result The poll result was \~97% `Yes` to \~1.5% `No` to \~1.4% `Abstain`^(1) by voteweight. The poll met the 40% of AVW requirement (read more about what that means [in a post I made before the poll ended]( reports it at around 43% of AVW while the script I wrote reports it at \~47%, but in either case it has met the AVW requirement # About [email protected] For those not familiar with the project, [email protected] works on drug discovery with COVID-19 as its primary focus. You can read more about the project [at its about page]( ​ ​ # Footnotes ^(1) Note that abstain is disregarded when actually determining results, but here the abstain numbers are so small it's virtually the same (\~98.4% Yes to \~1.6% No)
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