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Relisting and Removal of projects

Reading into the discussion about relisting and removing the projects and the work units, I was kind of put of about where we were heading with this. I didn't like it. And this discussion going out to other projects.

The first reason is that this gives us bad repo with the project which we had seen was the case with the [email protected] forum. Second, lets say someone loves the SZTAKI (no other example came to mind) for the science they do. And also loves Gridcoin because it helps him to contribute to it. So us removing the project is just saying to the volunteer to just choose one among us.

I am also against the disproportionate earning of the gridcoin due to the disparity in the workload given by the project which might discourage some of our diligent community members, who might be earning far less for the work they put into project like SETI, while people earning a lot in projects like SZTAKI.

I am not a developer and the suggestion that I will be suggesting may be improbable so I will gladly like the suggestion. I think these things should be hard coded within the neural network and a workaround can be made by structuring the reward system. I see two probable ways we can follow to address 2 issues,

Lets make a minimum threshold for the amount a computation that must be crunched by the members of the Gridcoin team for the specific boinc project for that project to be added in the superblock. So suppose a project is going to be down for a few weeks due some reason so they are not able to deploy work units for all the crunchers. This will ultimately cause the computation to fall and once it becomes less than the threshold it will not be added until it is back functioning like before. This will save the time for voting and no changes will be required to make. But this might lead to another problem when the people will not be able to receive their magnitude for a few days. The second solution is the divison of the projects into ...
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