Quick Start Guide: Earning Gridcoin from [email protected]


After passing a network-wide poll, [email protected] has been added to the list of Gridcoin-incentivized projects!

This guide is mainly targeted at existing Gridcoin/BOINC crunchers who will be familiar with the terminology and already completed some steps I'm skipping over here. If you are new, go to this guide to get started. This assumes you already have BOINC installed and are solo crunching. Pool crunchers will need to switch to solo crunching.

  1. Find your CPID. If you don't know it, go to the wallet under hamburger menu > settings > researcher wizard > projects.
  2. Download the [email protected] client from foldingathome.org and start installation
  3. When prompted, create a username with the format: friendlyname_GRC_CPID
    1. Friendlyname can be any name you want
    2. GRC must remain in the middle and be capitalized
    3. CPID should be your CPID
  4. Not required but helps promote Gridcoin: enter team # 226804
  5. Setting up a passkey is optional but strongly suggested as you will get more [email protected] credit which means more GRC

That's it! You will start receiving rewards once you have completed some workunits.

Note that you can earn Curecoin at the same time, you can see their documentation at the link below:


Questions? Troubles? Hop on over to the discord.