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PSA - Coinomi Wallet Delisting Gridcoin

[Coinomi]( will be delisting Gridcoin from their wallet app on the 23rd of September this year (2020). ​ [\(IMAGE OUTDATED, SEE UPDATE BELOW\)]( If you plan on moving your coins to somewhere safer, here are your options: * Use the official Gridcoin wallet from the [official website]( * Use the Gridcoin wallet bot in the [Gridcoin Discord server]( * Use the [HolyTransaction]( online wallet All of the above methods support staking so you can continue to support the blockchain. Coinomi was (in a sense) a cold wallet and did not actively stake your coins on the network. # IF YOU ARE READING THIS AFTER 28th SEP 2020 You have not lost your coins, it is still possible to recover delisted coins from Coinomi using a [BIP39 recovery tool]( although it may take some searching and time. Make sure you disconnect your computer from the internet before using the tool and move all other coins from your Coinomi wallet to some other wallet if you want to be absolutely safe. UPDATE: The coinomi app now says the removal will now occur on the 28th
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