[POLL] Survey - Do you want to receive an email every time a new poll is made?


Would you like to see an opt-in mailing list be created so that you will receive an email every time a new poll is added to the network?

This is an idea that myself and a few people in the community mentioned a while back and now that TheSCI exists, we are able to facilitate a large ongoing mailing list. The proposed system will not require any changes to the wallet, it would simply be a email newsletter style subscription free of charge to the user and paid for by TheSCI.

The key points are:

  • Theoretically more people will see the polls on the network and will likely get more votes
  • The foundation is left untouched
  • The wallet code need not be changed (even though this could be easily integrated)
  • It is an opt-in service, making it optional to participate
  • It will likely be automated or mostly automated in order to prevent spam

Keen to see what people think. If we get more than 50% on this poll then there will be a case for implementing this, otherwise the idea will be discarded.