Please help The Science Commons Initiative help Gridcoin! Donate until Sept 22. A $1 donation translates to more than $100 donated to The SCI!

17D Ago
Spread the word. Ask family and friends. We need more donations! A single dollar goes a very very long way. Please, if you have donated already, follow these steps with your friends and family who might be new to crypto: 1. Walk them through the process of setting up a Github, 2. Signing in to Gitcoin 3. Setting up a metamask 4. Purchasing some ETH or MATIC (MATIC has lower fees but is more complicated to set up... but not by much) 5. Transfer coins to metamask 6. Donating through the Gitcoin round. ​ Meanwhile, here's a BOINC Radio discussing how donations will help BOINC. We'll have to discuss how donations will help Gridcoin soon! []( ​ Donate here: []( Simple YouTube tutorial for donating ETH: []( ​ Here's more details on the round [\_boinc\_gridcoin\_desci\_and\_reconnecting\_the/]( ​ To everyone who has already donated. THANK YOU! We could potentially walk away with $10k+ to kick-start the SCI. That is beyond what we could have dreamt of and it's all because of your small donations. That 10k can shrink, though! If we don't keep up the donations, the QF maths will reduce our share of the funding purse. Keep spreading the word!