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Gridcoin - State of the Union and Network Updates

There has been a lot of very exciting activity on the Gridcoin circuit recently, and I would like to take the time to introduce, summarise and discuss the key development and news items. This is especially relevant in the past month, as with the altcoin market in free-fall it is important to ensure you understand the coins you are invested in (or plan to buy into). This is because the price of a coin in the long run will be heavily determined by its underlying value proposition, quality of the dev team, and long term roadmap, rather than speculative booms. I hope that this article will help you establish a better view of the Gridcoin network as it is advancing today, and keep you up-to-date with developments on the circuit if you are already involved.

Vote Opened to Pay Developers

As it stands, Gridcoin is actively developed by volunteer developers who donate their time to work on the project. Earlier this week, the original developer of Gridcoin, Rob, proposed a vote that will see all developers compensated at the rate of USD$30/h going forward. Funds are to be distributed from the central Foundation Wallet, which currently holds around 32 million GRC.

If passed, the first paid development period will run from August 1 this year to January 31 2018, and allow only hours with tangible results to be billed. This will result in higher quality work and more time committed from the dev team, as well as attract talent from outside the current GRC community to work on the platform. In effect, anyone will be able to make Gridcoin development a full time job - provided they can meaningfully contribute continuously.

In the immediate future we will see further client improvements, and ongoing work on superblock stability and whitelisted project inclusion. Watch this space!

Branding Discussion

A considerable amount of activity has taken place discussing and mocking up the branding side of the GRC network in the hope of bringi...

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