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Gridcoin Prize Wall Until April 2nd, and Yep I got a Merchant Onboard

Bitcoin needed someone to spend 5000 coins on a pizza before the world started taking it even a little serious. I'm willing to give you things from my shops or the associated deep storage for GRC to prove it as a medium of exchange. Bahb Silunt's Prize wall: [\_-S7fmizX5Rf0LOzd5bqSMJzLW0a6uOZRmRsczB3dIE/edit?usp=sharing]( Anything on this list won't get sold off the list for anything other than GRC at least until the wall expires. I will issue a new list every week until I manage to sell something for GRC. NGL, most of it isn't my top moving merch. All of that stuff is more NSFW than the one thing I added at the end. If you live in the right jurisdictions you can also get anything from []( or from my boss at my day job where I order stuff: []( . Definitely not Texas or Louisiana, but I'll do the due diligence for most states. Also, if you live in Alaska, Mr Rock & Roll (the oldest continuously running head shop in the state) accepts most cryptocurrencies now, including GRC. None of the staff gets much practice at it, so be patient with them as they fiddle through QR codes.
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