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Gridcoin [GRC] CPU Mining Revenue in USD! (Up to USD$70/m per Card on Intel i7!)

One of the most significant benefits of 'mining' Gridcoin is that it can still be done very profitably on a CPU - something that other coins have left far behind them. The reason for this is that unlike traditional POW mining used by coins such as Bitcoin, Gridcoin 'mining' is done by contributing compute to scientific endeavours through the BOINC platform. Science computations are fickle beasts, ranging from the most simple calculation to colossal complexity which only a CPU can manage. As a result, many BOINC projects that reward compute with through Gridcoin are not able to make use of a GPU, and no BOINC projects at all can make use of ASICS.

Unfortunately, benchmarking CPU performance is not as easy as GPU performance. We cannot just compare the number of logical cores and clock speeds. This might seem counter intuitive, as wouldn't it make sense that the faster the clock speed and the more cores on the CPU, the more work we can do with it? The answer lies somewhere between a 'yes' and a 'no'...

We can successfully use the two metrics above to make comparisons within an architecture family. If we compare two Intel Haswell i7 cores, the one with the higher clock speed will outperform the slower one. This is the case because other than clock speed, the processors are architecturally identical. However, comparing between series gets more complex.

Would you believe me if I told you that Intel released the first 3.6 GHz chips way back in 2006? Well, it's true. Even though over a decade has passed, the fastest Intel cores run at factory speeds of about 4.4 GHz, which seems like a very marginal improvement. As a matter of fact, most actual headway was made in the amount of work done by the CPU in each individual clock cycle, not in the number of cycles per second. There are other factors that influence processing speed too, such as improvements in cache memory, but the work done per clock cycle is by far the most significant gain ...

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