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Gridcoin Branding Update #1 - Steemit

Important update Voting has commenced on approval of the new logo design: Check the progress here Please note - you are voting on approval of the design only! The colour or background colour of the proposed logo are flexible by design, to account for the many potential uses of the Gridcoin logo. If one colour comes out on top after further discussion, then this will be voted on and selected as the primary colour for the logo.

There's been a lot of exciting development across the Gridcoin community lately, so I thought it was high time for me to drop by and officially give you an update on branding efforts! I'm actually new to Steemit too, so since this doubles up as my first post - let's get introductions out of the way first...

Hey - great to meet you!

I'm Josh - a Designer & Marketing Manager based in the UK. I've been involved with BOINC since I was a kid and started using Gridcoin to support my BOINC efforts just over 18 months ago. I've always wanted to personally contribute to the Gridcoin project, so the establishment of the branding team on Slack has provided the perfect channel for me to get involved and volunteer my skills.

So what's new with branding? Well, this is new for starters - and you're the first to see it!

We've been working tirelessly refining concepts to bring the Gridcoin logo up to date, whilst still maintaining the links to scientific research that you'd expect from a cryptocurrency that supports humanitarian research projects. Whilst the current 'artwork' logo (below) has some really fantastic detail when viewed at high resolution, it also has a number of problems as a general use logo - let's take a look at the logo and then discuss those:

Existing Gridcoin Logo Logo Issues Complexity - the existing logo tries to convey too many concepts at once - this is a big no-no in logo design and is the primary issue when this logo is used out in the wild Detail is rapidly ...
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