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"For the betterment of BOINC" - Post suggestions on how to improve BOINC! — Steemit

User 'Ageless' (Long time BOINC user/volunteer/moderator/project-admin) has asked the community for input regarding the improvement of BOINC!

"Last week Richard Haselgrove and I were asked to join a BOINC Work Group committee which researches how BOINC can be made more user friendly, easier for anyone to set up their own short- or long term project, and for the community to join in on those endeavours. The goal is to get more people to run BOINC, to join in coding all parts that make BOINC (client, manager, web site, forums, projects, etc.), to test everything, to get them to set up their own projects, to make BOINC a future-proof and reliable brand that isn't dependent on any one person in particular." Contribute your ideas!

Is there anything you would like to change with regards to the BOINC client & server?

Is there anything you think would put BOINC on the map? For example to add social media inside BOINC Manager, or have certain add-ons integrated into the client?

IMO, adding links to the #boinc sub-steemit page so as to drive some of the 500k active & 4m registered BOINC users to Steemit would be a great idea, as would providing a link to the BOINC telegram group so as to create a team-neutral communication platform.

What are your thoughts? Any ideas?

Best regards, @cm-steem

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