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Developer Compensation Poll Coming to an End — Steemit

The poll regarding compensating Gridcoin developers ends July 29th. If you haven't voted yet, it's time to make a choice.

You can find the primary thread for the poll here.

In short, Rob will collect invoices from devs for the work they do from July 1st - December 31st. He will then reimburse them at a rate of 30$/hr for all real work produced.

My initial response to the proposal as quoted from that thread:

I am grateful that reimbursing and paying devs is a top priority of GRC. This demonstrates that development is progressing and that this progression is going to continue. It also shows that the volunteer work of the community does not go unnoticed and is highly valued.My concerns regarding this proposal stem from the fear of this payment system becoming precedent for future payments:This is a highly centralized proposal. This means that the random work Rob mentioned that needs to get done can get done quickly. This also means that work is judged and compensated at the whim of a single entity (as respected and trusted as that entity might be -- this is not directed at Rob, but at the system) instead of by consensus among the greater community. So long as we do not use Rob's benevolence regarding this payment block to influence the conversation regarding future compensation, I can see myself supporting this proposal in time. For me to fully support this proposal, I would need to see major community figures express on this thread at least their initial thoughts regarding the issue of payments after this 6 month block along with that of voting weight in general -- my vote and all low volume investors and boincers counts for nothing when compared to that of people who may have been collecting interest simply by running their client once every 6 months (people who mined a bunch, then left the community, but staked their interest twice a year per the POS protocol), and this is unsettling.Thank you Rob for starting this ...
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