Changes to connecting Wallet to multiple BOINC clients?

4D Ago
Admittedly, when I set up a few IoT devices to run BOINC and pool with grcpool, I intended to set it-and-forget it. Unfortunately I forgot it for too long. Over the weekend I finally updated my wallet to the latest required version. Since updating my wallet, it will no longer connect to my BOINC clients on my local network. The primary one in use was a Linux install, and when the wallet starts I now get an error that "Could not access BOINC data directory "\[boinc client\]/var/lib/boinc-client/". Please check that the directory exists and check the directory and client\_state.xml file permissions." I've checked the folder and files do exist, through SSH, and I've added the boinc group to the OS' primary user account. I unfortunately haven't gotten anything definitive concerning what the permissions should be, but did read that adding the user to the group should resolve the issue. Does anyone have any suggestions for me to look at to get my client and wallet connected again? Are there new steps for connected to BOINC client over the network that I'm not aware of/finding? Thanks in advance!