An update on the status of the Kermit's Mom mandatory release

self.gridcoin1m ago
Just to give an update for folks on Kermit's Mom. We are in the final stages of testing on testnet now. A 2nd mandatory fork on testnet is occurring at 1944820, which is approximately 13 days from now and this will include the last changes for Kermit's Mom. While we did/are doing two different mandatories on testnet, one (already done) to support MRC, and the other upcoming to support changes in polls and projects, on mainnet it will be combined into one height, which is TBD. I anticipate that we will need two weeks of post hardfork testing on testnet to shakedown for any bugs and also polish for the release. This would put the Kermit's Mom release about one month away. The biggest functionality that will be apparent to folks with Kermit's Mom will be the long awaited MRC, but there are many changes and improvements under the hood. We will have to give a minimum of one month after the release to allow time for everyone to upgrade, which means the MRC functionality on mainnet is about two months away.