2022-11-04 Update from WCG- Cyclops (ARP units & Device Manager issues)


2022-11-04 Update from WCG- Cyclops (ARP units & Device Manager issues)

My only comment is what about the download problems, that needs to be addressed...

Back to the regularly scheduled update.

2022-11-04 Update from WCG - Cyclops

(ARP units & Device Manager issues)


Hi everyone,

Since testing and system updates resulted in steady flow of workunits we may be able to start expanding the projects. As reported earlier, SCC and HSTB projects are busy with validation and preparing for the new restart. We are happy to report that the ARP project is finalizing storage and network setup to enable restart. We will provide a more detailed account of the situation directly from the ARP team soon.

On the backend side, we have been addressing a device manager issue some volunteers have run into. Due to a communication error between our BOINC and website databases, some devices are listed in a volunteer’s Results list while being absent from their Devices. We’ve added this to our Comprehensive Bug List and discussed it in this forum thread.

Please leave any questions or proposals in this thread instead of making a new thread. Thank you for your support, patience and understanding.

WCG team at Krembil Research Institute

(Edit) A brief addendum on the ARP workunits from the tech team:The ARP1 team is in the middle of a large-scale backup of existing results to tape and as a result have not been able to download additional results from our servers. There is a "maximum unsent results" threshold in our ARP1 workunit-management system that prevents the system from downloading more work if too many unsent results accumulate in our system. Unsent results piled up on our side past that threshold, preventing new downloads of ARP1 work. WCG systems ordinarily keep enough ARP1 work in reserve to last 5 days, but our BOINC server has since consumed it all, distributing it to WCG members' devices. Following a discussion with the ARP1 team, today we increased that threshold enough to allow WCG servers to download some new work, which started flowing out to members earlier today.

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