2022-10-27 Update (Workunits & storage update)


2022-10-27 Update (Workunits & storage update)

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2022-10-27 Update (Workunits & storage update)

Hi everyone, we’re happy to see that volunteers are receiving more OPN1 workunits than last week.

 We recently increased our DB2 storage pool and switched to a more coarse-grained scheduling method for creating and packaging new workunits for each project.

 This change may have temporarily disrupted WU scheduling, but we will need to monitor further and likely explore additional possible causes before we can consider the issue resolved.

Another (less optimistic) theory is that other tasks, specifically OPNG, were the cause of our recent storage issues and database-wide system errors.

 We have no solid evidence yet, only an observation that there is typically a decline in available OPNG work around the same time the download issues are less prevalent.

A high load on the storage server and scheduler coincide with the database crashes and a phenomenon whereby the download/upload server groups intermittently register as down from the perspective of our load balancer.

We continue to monitor the system to determine what the best course of action is to stabilize our internal network.

Thank you for your support, patience and understanding.

WCG team at Krembil Research Institute