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11 reasons to start with gridcoin

1. Cryptocurrencies are the future

Back in 2009 Bitcoin was launched. Since them the interest in cryptocurrencies and their value has greatly increased. In May 2013 one Bitcoin was worth about ~$120 in July 2017 one Bitcoin is worth about $2700! This clearly shows how Bitcoin and with Bitcoin all cryptocurrencies have envolved. With ripple (XRP) there is already a currency used by large global banks to allow international money transfers. It's clear that cryptocurrencies are the future! So you'd better start today learn everything about crypto. Be ready for the future.

2. Gridcoin is a good starting point to begin the journey into the world of cryptocurrencies

To start with cryptocurrencies maybe hard at first sight. But your journey will pay off in the end. If you want to start with Bitcoin you have to download a large blockchain that is about 130 GB big. You also have to buy your first Bitcoins and transfers are expensive because the fees are high. If you start with Gridcoin you only have to download a blockchain that is about 1 GB big. You can get your first Gridcoins for free from one of the faucets: 1 or 2 and start experimenting with the wallet fast and totally for free! The Gridcoin community is very friendly and likes to help new users to get started! Most of the things you learn about Gridcoin are also important for all the other cryptocurrencies. So starting with Gridcoin also helps you to understand all the other cryptocurrencies.

3.  Gridcoin is a community driven product

Gridcoin is developed by a motivated community. We have software developpers, UI designers, marketing experts and  many other interesting people in our community. You can actively participate in the development of Gridcoin in the area of your interest and get in touch with interesting people and start widen your horizons. You can learn new things and help Gridcoin to get bettter!

4. Gridcoin can be mined on your CPU!

Many coins like Bitcoin ...

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