Getting Started

self.StepN1m ago
I want to get started with StepN and am planning to buy Solana on Coinbase and sent it to StepN. I saw some popem having trouble sending their usdc to Coinbase because of their Ethereum Network. So if you have some information can you answer these few questions that I have. 1. If I buy Solana on Coinbase will I be able to send it to directly to StepN with no problems and without using something like Exodus Wallet in the middle? 2. Will I be able to send Solana from stepn straight to Coinbase with no problem or am I gonna have to use something like Exodus Wallet in the middle? 3. Will it be possible to send USDC from Stepn to Coinbase or should I just send it as Solana and then convert it on Coinbase when I receive it? I know it's quite a lot of questions but if somebody could answer them I would greatly appreciate it.