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The barriers of Golem Providers

On Discord, I've seen tons of questions like these: 'what price should I set?', 'do I need a super good PC?' and 'what's the best price to set?'. Until now, the best answer that anyone was able to give was 'snoop around public repositories and you might find pricing details' - but really, that's shitty advice. Now, thanks to the [recent update on the statistics page](https://www.reddit.com/r/GolemProject/comments/o6zsgp/stats_page_update_a_new_tab_for_requestor_info/), it's possible to actually figure out these details, so that's what I did. Keep in mind that I did this on a small scale and that my method might not be foolproof. **My method was quite simple:** >For each data entry, I got the absolute lowest prices as well as the absolute highest hardware. This is because I can't differentiate that well using [the statistics page](https://stats.golem.network/). I didn't enter duplicate nodes. I didn't enter testnet-only requestors. **Here are some conclusions we can take:** I noticed that the top requestor isn't [email protected], not anymore at least; it has been inactive for quite some time now and [email protected] has had runs on 0.7.\* versions. The second top requestor looks to be [email protected] from the requirements released by Marcin on Discord, that is: >cores>=15, cpu\_price <=0.1 Although as the excel page shows, people managed to snag a 0.02 GLM/hour price along with that. That means that the requestor script that it uses either doesn't care about that price point or that it's the wrong requestor. The excel page also shows more in-depth requirements - but these might not be controlled by the requestor script as it's on a very small scale and we can't determine too much from this research. Keep in mind that the values aren't guaranteed to be accurate. Anyone can change settings whenever they want to, and not all requestors have been active the past 24 hours. Requestors may change their pricing because of competition, GLM-price, or other factors. Plus, my method, a...
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