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Not trying to criticize....

To begin, I am a big fan of Golem, but it drives me crazy that the stats page does not update. I am extremely interested in the health and growth of the mainnet and look to the https://stats.golem.network/show page to see how well the network is doing. For whatever reason, the page metrics do not update. I know that in the past this has been brought up by me and others and the official statement has been that the team is very busy and has other things to do. That is fine, but people following the project do not have any other way to track the progress. If it is an issue that the Golem team does not want to broadcast real-time stats so competitors or investors can see if there may be an issue with growth or lack thereof, then please take it down. Identical stats from May 31st and June 4th: https://imgur.com/a/q045Ixr
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