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It's scary, no? If someone now the team of Golem, can you explain me this article

Golem fell more than most tokens and digital currencies today, down 7%, following what appears to be perceived delays in the delivery of their alpha product called Brass.

Golem’s recent price according to coinmarketcap.

Apparently, rumors had been circulating suggesting Brass would be out this month, but that now seems unlikely as the project may be facing some delays.

Because a user noted the project code may have some errors or bugs preventing it from compiling properly as what is called a “build,” which translates the program from lower level language to more human friendly language, was failing.

That suggests Golem has a lot more work to do, as well as a lot more testing and refining of the product, before Brass can be launched, with time estimates now seemingly moving to another few more months.

Some apparent bugs in the Golem project.

The start-up has been working on Golem for quite some time with the aim of building a very complex supercomputer of sorts that combines into one package distributed CPU resources and other aspects, such as memory, allowing whoever needs it to access the decentralized supercomputer.

Their main target seems to be individuals who require huge resources to render images or movies (such as the headline image pictured above), with scientists and others potentially benefiting, so raising nearly a million eth towards that goal back in November 2016, worth at the time around $9 million.

The Golem ICO stats.

That makes Golem one of the first start-ups to offer an ICO token sale during slightly more difficult times last autumn when eth was going through a very cold winter.

In the circumstances, it’s not clear whether they kept any of their eth. Their smart contract address shows zero. A very brief analysis showed the last 1,000 eth was withdrawn to Poloniex more than a month ago.

Golem cashing out to Poloniex. .

We tried to speak with Michal Brazewicz from the Golem proje...

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