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golemsp run error

Hi guys. I tried to become a provider and installed golem on my ubuntu nuc system. But i am not able to start the service. 'golemsp run' gives following error: \[2021-05-05T08:41:06Z INFO ya\_provider::execution::exeunits\_registry\] Testing runtime \[vm\] Error: runtime test failure Caused by: \[2021-05-05T08:41:06Z INFO ya\_runtime\_vm::guest\_agent\_comm\] Waiting for Guest Agent socket ... Could not access KVM kernel module: Permission denied vmrt: failed to initialize kvm: Permission denied thread 'main' panicked at 'failed to start runtime: Os { code: 111, kind: ConnectionRefused, message: "Connection refused" }', runtime/src/main.rs:466:14 note: run with \`RUST\_BACKTRACE=1\` environment variable to display a backtrace \[2021-05-05T08:41:07Z **ERROR** golemsp::service\] child provider exited too early: Ok(ExitStatus(ExitStatus(256))) \[2021-05-05T08:41:07Z WARN golemsp::service\] provider exited with: Custom { kind: Other, error: "process exited too early" }
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