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Golem's FAQ - Latest software update, and how-tos

https://i.redd.it/ppucz96b5x811.jpg **(Actual) Frequently Asked Questions** Unlike a standard FAQ, this (A)FAQ consists of the most commonly asked questions from our community. For much more elaborate (but slightly outdated) FAQ full of questions no one actually asked, please consult our [GitHub wiki](https://github.com/golemfactory/golem/wiki/FAQ) For our communications archive, [head over here.](https://trello.com/b/95eZBUfT/golem-comms-archive) **What wallet should I use?** Golem’s software has its own integrated, brand new, shiny wallet. If you have downloaded our latest versions (link) you should be able to test it. This wallet will enable you to store your GNT and ETH in order to pay and get payment for computations within Golem. If you are a token-holder yet choose not to use our software, you may use any Ethereum wallet which supports Ethereum-based tokens! Neat, huh? For reference, the most popular proper Ethereum wallets are Mist/Ethereum Wallet, Parity, and MyCrypto **What’s Golem’s latest status?** We have proudly launched our Brass Beta version onto the Ethereum mainnet on Tuesday, March 10th at 14hs CET. More on that here. [We are currently in the Beta 0.19.0 version. Please always have your Golem updated with the latest version.](https://medium.com/p/brass-golem-beta-0-19-0-de67220eb30b) In case you’re wondering about the future versions, [please follow our Kanban](https://trello.com/b/PL4ncR3O/golem-mid-term-goals). We will also update the roadmap soon. **How can I sell my computing power with Golem?** Our tech support & development team have prepared a dedicated [Documentation ](https://docs.golem.network)page to understand Brass Beta, the current software iteration that enables you to sell and lease computing power from other users within the network. On our [Rocket Chat](https://chat.golem.network/home) you can find dedicated chatrooms for you to pose all your questions. **Holy mackerel, I want Golem integrated with my software! What...
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