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Golem Network Beta.2 Bounties!

We’re excited to announce that we’re creating a number of bounties to celebrate the Beta 2 release. The Golem Network offers an unstoppable, inexpensive and censorship-free environment. These bounty projects are taking in mind what’s awesome about the 2nd major release from a development perspective, such as the Services API and the possibility to create custom runtimes.

Further technical information, and a SDK, can be found here. The bounty submissions will be aggregated to our awesome-golem directory and social media, and in the future, potentially featured in a website section. If you’re considering participating in the bounties, please also read the section at the end of this blog.

And the 3 bounties are!

(Please click on the bounty headers for the link to go to the Gitcoin bounty)

Since Beta.2 Golem offers developers a possibility to create custom runtimes that can be installed by providers to extend their computational capabilities and offer new kinds of services in the Golem Network we want to create a bounty to incentivize this. The goal of this project is to develop a new, self-contained runtime exposing PostgreSQL database. The runtime would serve as a wrapper around an actual PostgreSQL service running on a provider machine. By installing the runtime, providers would be enabled to offer a PostgreSQL database as a service on Golem Network.

Requirements The runtime should be compatible with yagna v0.7.1. The runtime should run on at least one of the following operating systems:- Ubuntu,- Windows,- macOS. Starting an activity on the runtime should output all connection parameters necessary to use the database (address, port, database name, user name, password). Connection parameters mentioned above should enable the user a PostgreSQL database running on the provider node. Non-requirements The runtime doesn't have to include PostgreSQL service. It is meant to be a wrapper. The runtime is not suppose...
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