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Golem Foundation presents: Wildland 0.1.0

We proudly present to you today Wildland client 0.1.0, the first component of Wildland which we are making available for testing. Wildland has been [Golem Foundation’s](https://golem.foundation) primary focus since the publication of the Wildland [technical paper](https://wildland.io/2020/04/09/wildland.html). In that paper we promised you a new project enriching the Golem ecosystem. Today marks a start to making good on that promise. We would like to use this opportunity to thank the entire Golem community for their patience and some heated debates in recent months. We hope that with this release you will be able to see the progress we have made since [WildCon1](https://wildland.io/2020/10/10/WildCon1.html), during which we first presented Wildland live. The initial release of the client already demonstrates some unique features of Wildland, notably: 1. Wildland’s ability to expose multiple storage backends as a unified file system, 2. muliti-categorization of Wildland data containers, 3. Wildland’s novel, bottom-up addressing system. Wildland repositories are now open to the public on [GitLab](https://gitlab.com/wildland/). For starters, we encourage you to download and start using the [0.1.0 version of Wildland client](wildland.io/download). Please note that this is a very early release, targeted mainly at tech-savvy users, who are comfortable with the command-line interface. To make onboarding easier and more enjoyable, we have prepared an extensive [user documentation](docs.widland.io). Make sure you start with the [Practical Introduction](https://docs.wildland.io/), which will get you familiar with some basic terms and concepts of Wildland and then proceed to the [Quick Start guide](https://docs.wildland.io/user-guide/quick-start.html#setup) to get your Wildland up and running. All users are very welcome to join the public mailing group [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). You can subscribe to the list [here](https://wildland.t...
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