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GOLEM (GLM) currently has a market cap of $238,534,100 and circulating supplied of 348,467,231 tokens according to Coinmarketcap and the like. Spot price is 0.126 x GLM circulating supply (348,467,231) = $43,906,871, not $238,534,100. I'm assuming this is an assessment based on GLM plus GNT tokens. Should there be GNT tokens that never migrate to GLM, will the market cap still be assessed on a combination of GNT and GLM or will a line be drawn? Say only 500,000,000 tokens are moved ever because 500,000,000 are lost for whatever reason, does that not mean the market cap of GLM is actually 500,000,000 x the market price? GNT is not GLM no?
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