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GLM Rewards Program October Update - Thorg Miner Review Edition

Welcome back for October’s update on the GLM Rewards Program! Each month we offer GLM rewards (averaging 20k GLM per month) to the community members for getting involved in the ecosystem, it can be almost any involved; development, support, or interesting projects of their own that they come up with to work on. This month we have the Application Creation and Maintenance, Community Creator, Task Force General and Super User categories (described in the GLM Rewards Program blog).

Last month, with the September September GLM Rewards Program, we shook it up a bit from the usual with Double Slots. This month, for the first time ever we allowed individuals to potentially fill two categories, the Feedback Master category was special in the fact that it didn’t block from filling a different category.

So why was the Feedback Master category special this month? This month we set some specific requirements (join Golem Chat to view that link) for the Feedback Master slot, which we haven’t done in the past. Normally all categories are quite flexible and we judge them a bit more arbitrarily with who fills the slot the best. So this month was different / special by we restricted the slot to only be filled by a certain type of contribution, Thorg Reviews.

GLM Rewards Thorg Review Spotlight

We had 3 main submissions to the Thorg reviews. First, we’d really like to thank the participants. Not only have they created in-depth reviews, they’ve also been running the software to be able to give great reviews (collected by the Review tag on Reddit).

The first we’re going over is “Thorg Miner — a review”, also published on Medium, by Stelballe. This review is great, it focuses on the benefits and potential improvements. Some interesting things to highlight from it are making it more obvious what “Withdraw” means on Thorg. It also indirectly touches on DAG sizes (e.g. between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic).

The second Thorg review...

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