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Aelf, Dfinity and Ankr Networks Solving the Cloud Computing Trilema

Cloud computing technology is changing the way many of today’s internet-based applications and services operate and continues to generate record breaking revenues each year. Amazon Web Services (AWS) alone generated revenues in excess of $7.7 billion during the first quarter of 2019; this represented a 41% increase over the fourth quarter of 2018. These figures signify the potential that blockchain cloud computing systems could generate moving forward. The way in which data is shared and stored, and how businesses collaborate, represents how this technology will forever change our lives.

Blockchain-based cloud computing is in many ways transforming the global cloud computing landscape. In this article, we will touch on the Aelf, Ankr Network and Dfinity blockchain cloud computing solutions. It is predicted by Cisco, that the amount of “usable” data produced in 2021 is larger in size than the forecasted data center traffic that is generated per year by a factor of four. This gap could conceivably be filled by leveraging blockchain-based cloud computing systems as well as by utilizing additional approaches such as edge and fog computing.

Examining Aelf Network’s Cloud Computing Capabilities

The Aelf Blockchain is a system that allows software engineers to customize different types of blockchain’s within the network to meet their own requirements which are specifically related to commercial applications needed for multiple industries. The Aelf Network contains the following 5 main features that help address the growing demands of global enterprises:

  Main Chain and multi-layer Side Chains that possess the capability to be used for a multitude of commercial scenarios. This works by using one chain for a specific use-case while also distributing different types of tasks on multiple chains to improve processing efficiency. Side Chains produce a Merkel Root which is stor...
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