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Which blockchain tech or cryptocurrency tech can I invest in now to become wealthy later?

Experts are now predicting the cryptocurrency market could hit $1 trillion this year with Bitcoin surging to $50,000.

Meanwhile, Goldcoin which has 10X its capacity, is 5X faster, and has instant and free, is trading at just $0.15. Goldcoin is a super secure value store and cash payment system built on the original Nakamoto protocol.

Goldcoin (GLD) has the potential of jumping 100X in value during 2018. Below, I will carefully explain how and why. Feel free to track me down on Telegram if you have any follow-up questions.

The team will be traveling to three continents over the next few months to exhibit and network with industry leaders at major blockchain conferences. Goldcoin outperforms both Litecoin and Bitcoin in several different areas. The contrast between the two in terms of market valuation simply cannot be sustained.
The Goldcoin team has hired three writers to put together the holy grail of whitepapers. This remarkable whitepaper will be released this month. Goldcoin (GLD) has an all-star development team with a brilliant engineer, and a chief scientist, who studied with Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin at the University of Waterloo. The new client, which features an option for sending free transactions, will be released this month. It’s the first time a SegWit free edition of 0.14.2 has been engineered.
Goldcoin is a term that means “value” to every English speaking person on earth. Gold was used by Satoshi Nakamoto himself multiple times in his whitepaper to describe the inner workings of his protocol. The Telegram Team is growing rapidly with hundreds of new members being added monthly. Click the link and pay us a visit! In March, the iOS app will make its debut onto the Apple Store. The app is currently being beta tested on Apple’s TestFlight platform. Goldcoin (GLD) is listed on two of the top exchanges Bittrex and Cryptopia with more great exchanges coming s...
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