The Other Shoe just now Dropped Bigtime!

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self.Gemini1m ago
Over the weekend my phone sim was deactivated and my 2 email accounts stopped letting me login. My debit card was declined twice this morning. I borrowed my friend's phone and after 4 hours of punching buttons to get to someone capable, got my phone account reactivated but with a new phone number since mine was no longer available. I then got my comcast/xfinity email working, with Xfiniti customer support changing my password for me, but not my protonmail that I use exclusively for Gemini correspondence and login. I could not find direct support for Proton and the message I did get is that my account is restricted from making password changes. That means I cannot log into Gemini either. So I turned to my bank to find out why my card was declined. The reason is that 2 ACH payments were made to Gemini, $5000 & 7500 respectively. They are still pending after exceeding my available balance. I went to my bank an hour ago and we put stop payments on Gemini and the manager is fairly confident that the funds will return tonight. When I got home I thought that I'd better check my other bank listed for ACH activity at Gemini. I could not login, so I called them and sure enough 2 more identical ACH payments were sent to Gemini, again blowing my balance. Due to my concerns about the overall state of electronic banking, fraud and exchange negligence, I fortunately kept those two account balances below $5000 for exactly this precaution! The second bank sent this to the fraud division and is opening a new account for me and when my money returns to the existing account, transferring it into the new Gemini is the ONLY business that has access to both those accounts via ACH. Because of not being able to use my protonmail account for correspondence with Gemini, and my Gemini password also not working and thus unresettable, the stop payment at bank 1 and new account at bank 2 effectively shuts my Gemini account down thank G. With only $.95 residual in my USD account and NO crypto kept in exchanges, I am likely to be made whole financially since these transfers did not have funds sufficient to complete. Had they posted, the dispute time between bank and Gemini would likely under normal process leave me **without** that $25,000 for 90 days. But we all know that dealing with a crypto exchange does not follow any normality. I would love to learn how this was done to me and if the ACH transfers were even directed to MY Gemini account. If so that makes this hack even more scary because surely the perpetrator would be able to transfer USD out of my account to elsewhere. I've finally become the topic instead of commenter and can only do what I have done and mostly let this forum know that it is happening live, **right now and in real time.** Keep your eyes open people and watch you bank balances like a hawk is swooping down for them.