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The Future of GarlicRewards... We did it!

This post is a follow up post for the people who interacted with my last post that blew up. First of all I have to say thank you so much, we reached our minimum goal which should allow me to continue this project. If you’re still not sure what GarlicRewards is you can check it out here So what does this mean for the future? Well first of all I’ll have to say payments will be delayed throughout May unforetunatly, due to the insane amount of traffic, I’ve run out of Garlicoin and still don’t have available funds, but this is okay as the website is staying online for a bit and your funds will be safe until you cashout. In more important news, GarlicRewards will have a massive rebranding/temporary shutdown sometime the end of May. This means every user that has enough funds to cashout, will be notified the best I can a week beforehand to cashout, if for some reason after all the this time they don’t cashout, unforetunatly that’ll be gone. So you may be thinking, “Why will there be a temporary shutdown if the site is becoming so successful?” Basically, GarlicRewards will have a new name, and go on mobile. You won’t need to do tasks to earn, as a matter of fact it’ll be completely passive and there will be tons of cryptocurrencies including Garlicoin. No, it won’t be mining, this has been done very few times on Android and has never been done on IOS. I’m being very vague for a reason. Anyhow, we’ve only emailed very few users just to say thank you for the cashout or to say that their wallet address is invalid, but coming to the end of May we will notify everyone about the new mobile application via email, this will be one of the very very very rare cases we will email you, if you want to stay updated, signup with an active email. Anyways, thank you so much everybody and I’m extremely exited for the future. Keep on earning on GarlicRewards!
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