FunFair Debuts Fastest Online Roulette Game on World's Fastest Blockchain Casino Platform

5Y Ago

"Our pioneering technology allows our new roulette game to not only play the fastest, but be 10 times less expensive on average than the vast majority of games," said Jez San, OBE, founder and CEO. "That means higher winning potential for players and unrivalled efficiency and potential earnings for online casino operators. Our vision is a limitless universe of transparent, secure casinos that can be easily created by anyone, anywhere in the world."

On Thursday, July 13th, at the iGaming Super Show, Mr. San will debut the new roulette game during the "Very Scary Things" session at 2.30pm CET. An abridged video demo can be seen here:

In addition to beautiful, hi-res graphics, the new FunFair Roulette game has the lowest fees (gas costs) paid per transaction. Players only pay at the beginning and end of each session - not each roll of the dice like most other games. As a result, players can receive the biggest profits without delays or withdrawal fees - even during long sessions that most players desire.

Players will need "test Ether" to play the new roulette game. Later this month, FunFair will issue free, test versions of its FUN tokens to play its roulette game. FUN tokens power every aspect of the FunFair gaming platform (more info is below). FunFair plans to allow casino operators to issue its official FUN tokens later this year or early 2018.  

FunFair recently raised $26M in four hours on June 22 during its Token Presale, which included top-tier investors Pantera Capital, Kryptonite1, and Block Tower Capital among others. FunFair will host a larger, Phase 2 Token Sale event in September.

FunFair was the first company to use the Ethereum Name System (ENS) in a token sale (directing people to funfund.eth), which resulted in a more secure investment channel that reduced the opportunity for fraudulent activity. Read more about FunFair's Presale in this Medium post by Ethereum Foundation developer Nick Johnson and advisor to FunFair "Token Sales Done Better: FunFair."

The FUN token has already been listed on cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex and EtherDelta, helping to raise awareness of the project and determine a fair market value ahead of the Phase 2 Token Event.

As the first blockchain platform that makes online casino games fun, fast and provably fair, FunFair is poised to disrupt the $60B global casino market (projected by 2020). Read more about FunFair and its unique technology here.

According to FunFair's roadmap, its development team will now focus on more advanced iterations of its proprietary Fate Channel technology, a larger suite of games including Blackjack, and an Alpha release of the platform before the year's end. 

About FUN Tokens 

The FUN token powers every aspect of FunFair's Ethereum-based casino platform and protocol. Players will bet using FUN, developers and affiliates will be rewarded for their participation in FUN, and operators and licencees will pay players out using FUN. FUN will also power the smart contracts that run the platform, including FunFair's unique new Random Number Generator and Fate Channel services.

About FunFair 

FunFair is the world's fastest Ethereum casino platform. It's also the first blockchain platform and protocol to make online casino games fun, fast, and fair. The company's combined 40 years of experience building gaming and casino software means players benefit from beautiful, intuitive games that have bigger payouts and are always provably fair. Using its first-of-kind Fate Channel technology and Ethereum smart contracts, FunFair offers the ultimate casino experience - complete transparency, astonishing efficiency, and unrivalled game play. FunFair is a developer of the platform, protocol and games.  The company licenses these games to operators and does not operate the games directly. Founded in 2017 by Jez San, Jeremy Longley and Oliver Hopton, FunFair is headquartered in Singapore with offices in London, Isle of Man and Malta.

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