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Some suggestions for the Funfair team! :)

Long time lurker here :) FunFair is such an excellent project. I played a few games and I had tons of fun. Love roulette! I have a few suggestions for the team. 1. **Release an SDK and make it easier for third-parties to release games.** Please consider this. Also (pretty please) consider non-gambling games... all kind of games that would use FUN as a native currency. Can you imagine a Shadowverse game or a Yu Gi Oh game in which you purchase cards with FUN? And finally, **an incentive program for third-party software firms that the community could contribute to in FUN**! 2. **Approach streamers on twitch or youtube** (has this been done before?)- live stream your new games on a twitch channel, and in addition why not allow tipping streamers in FUN? Anyway, just my two cents, I love what you're doing team, looking forward to the new games!
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