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FunFair's Official Q3 Update AMA Summary

FunFair’s Q3 AMA & Q/A Summary from July 21st, 2020. Q: ‘Long-awaited leaderboards’ does that mean auto leaderboards?

A: Yes!! – real time leaderboards (we have a manual solution already – which I would love to not have to run). I mentioned in the past community chat that it was a two step process, avatars first then the implementation of those avatars across the site in meaningful ways for players.

Q: With the ‘new tile functionality’ are you preparing base level for social features to be implemented in future? Like chatting, banners etc.

A: The new tile functionality includes things like live leaderboards (a big ask from the community), countdown timers for new promotions, gaming sessions/bets placed within the casino shown in real time and a conversion tile so people can calculate the price of FUN without doing mental gymnastics in their head.

Q: Are you planning on special avatars as an achievement or a prize during a competition?

A: The avatar solution was built with this in mind, i.e. specific avatars can be loaded to user accounts. I was hoping to award ships to users that won the last MoonRacer, but alas that ran out before this avatar launch. Who knows, perhaps someone may get the dreaded “red shirt” avatar! 🙂

Q: Can we get a list of allowed countries?

A: We can’t give you a list of countries we allow for compliance reasons. We currently allow over 50 countries.

Q: The tower defense-inspired game, can you tell us a little bit more about it? How do you get to gamble in it? On random tower buys? You spend 100 FUN and can build a tower for 5 waves and have to see how this pays out?

A: It’s based on the tower defense concept where of course the player shoots as many zombies as possible (the player can point their turrets but doesn’t control the shooting), they gain winnings throughout and can also buy repairs on towers and weapons to extend the play and potentially win more. It’s very diff...

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