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Ethereum Game Reviewed — CryptoSpin (!!

Playing slots casually online is common nowadays. However, playing online slots with crypto is not. Recently I found a game on reddit called CryptoSpin which claims to be the “Slot Machine on Ethereum” with uncompromised RTP. Does it fulfill its claims? Let’s find out today in this review.

A bit of background knowledge first. For those who don’t know, RTP is the Return To Player that slot players use as a matrix for how much the machine payback over how much you have wagered in total. Despite the fact that creators of slot games are usually reluctant to disclose their RTP, online slots usually have an RTP of over 95% to keep players engaged for an extended play, and 97% RTP is not uncommon nowadays.

We now go to the game at There’s a few moment of loading if you have not installed Metmask (it’s basically a wallet for your Ethers), which is a popular Ethereum wallet Chrome extension. (Checkout this link to install) Luckily that the prompt message is clear when you are on Test Net other than the Main Net.

We need to select “Main Ethereum Network” by clicking Metamask extension button.

You can also read the help page to get more information about the game.

We are all set, lets actually play the game!

Enter the slot scene. you’ll notice a nice little help spade on the top right of the slot machine. Paytable and paylines are there to indicate that 5 coins per lines and 15 lines are the max, making 75 coins as the maximum wager per spin. The play table seems lucrative for 77777 combos, and looks average for the rest of the combos. As the play table alone cannot tell too much of the machine payback and we have to make a spin to get the real feeling.

However, our credit is zero, which means the next scene to go is the topup scene.

We go to the top up scene where we top up 500 tokens for 0.0625 ethers. The top u...

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