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Beta Dev Update (46) – FirstBlood. launching closed beta to our new FirstBlood Royale App for PUBG. Upgraded Dota 2 Tournament Registration

Beta Dev Update (46) What our devs worked on in week 46 of the Beta

Hello Players,

We are coming even closer to launching closed beta to our new FirstBlood Royale App for PUBG.

If interested to participate in Early Access of FirstBlood Royale and our closed beta, go ahead and sign up!

With that, let’s dive into our Dota 2 product changes.

Bug Fixes Fixed; Reporting bug for players who left while in-game Additions Added; Upgraded Dota 2 Tournament Registration

This week we have deployed a tournament iteration to the web app. More of an upgrade, really, to the tournament registration process for players.

The old process for registering for consisted of users having to register and checkin. If the entire team did not do both actions than they would not be able to compete in the tournament.

We heard from players over time that this was a major hurdle, issue and, reason they missed a tournament they were looking to participate in.

We have now simplified the process to require one less step!

No more checking in.

Every team member will still have to register but that is it! Ensure your entire team is registered and get ready to compete.

And as always! Do you have anything you think we should be improving?

Head to our Feedback page to participate and share!

Signup and compete for valuable skins and other prizes at

Thanks for reading as always!

Until Next Time, Development Team

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