New Firo Rich GUI Client Released! (Electron v2.2.0) Now with built-in Coinswap function and no KYC needed! Choose any of the 4 providers for swapping your coins. ChangeNow, StealthEX, Swapzone and Exolix.

github.com1m ago

As always please back-up your wallet prior to updating (Settings>Backup Wallet) and store it separately.

CHANGELOG Updated firod to v0.14.9.5 Added coin swap features with multiple providers Changenow, StealthEx, Swapzone and Exolix Hashes SHA256 Hashes: Windows ec32be0723012cfb6b9f91def178b932d47f098bf14ed41ff1ffa3222c961af7 macOS: df935fe861811cc9d189b856f19652897f91007b108034899b7e06db5b15e234 Linux 000d2da23bf3736d1f6e9e71e45403368315b10eb3610b5e9ee025210f8ec2b5 The signatures can be verified using reuben.asc found in root of firoorg/firo repository or on