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The First Distributed Mining Pool Running in the Filecoin Mainnet

After half a year, Venus (go-filecoin) has been running the first distributed mining pool in the Filecoin Mainnet, from the stagnation of development.

Now, the latest version of Venus has been released on GitHub. If you need any support during mining, please feel free to contact Venus team:

Slack: fil-venus channel of GitHub: WeChat: Filecoin-Venus E-mail: [email protected] Venus node: f0128788

In January this year, Venus v0.9.0 was released, and the first Venus node f0128788 based on this version was launched on the Filecoin Mainnet. After four months of continuous observation and upgrading, through the adjustment of different sealing speeds, mining strategies and configurations, f0128788’s indicators, such as rate of isolated block and gas of overestimation burn, are all in the normal range. At present, the Quality Adjusted Power of this node is close to 1PiB, and its Lucky Value of the past 30 days is 107%.

Distributed mining pool connected to several nodes

The Venus technical architecture is designed to include venus, venus-miner, venus-sealer, venus-messenger, venus-wallet, venus-auth, and also the upcoming venus-market. In the classic architecture, there are venus, venus-miner, venus-auth, venus-messenger and venus-market as shared components, besides venus-sealer and venus-wallet as local independent components.

Shared components can be provided by miners, miners unions or third-party services. Miners only need to focus on the operations and maintenance of local independent components. If miners deploy all or part of the shared components locally, they can deploy distributed mining pool more flexibly.

Venus Architecture Diagram

The Venus components has passed the tests of 2K, calibration, Nerpa and Mainnet network. Based on f0128788, we built a complete set of Venus components and the first distributed mining pool in the Filecoin Mai...

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