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Introduce a new FileCoin mobile wallet: FoxWallet

[Filfox]( has introduced [Fox Wallet](, a multi-platform protocol-agnostic cryptocurrency wallet to the Filecoin (FIL) community. Fox Wallet serves as a better choice for the entrance to the web3.0 world. On the basis of supporting multiple seed words, blockchains, currencies, and accounts, the wallet provides convenient management and collaboration tools for Fil ecological users, which aims to allow users to obtain both professional and secure digital asset services and have both smooth and comfortable experiences in the web 3.0 era. Distributed storage of IPFS promotes the Internet’s entry into the Web3.0 era. As an IPFS incentive layer, the Filecoin ecosystem is also increasingly growing, and the number of technology enthusiasts, ecological participants, and track investors is increasing day by day. Following the development of the times and the needs of the market, Fox Wallet was born. # I. Decentralized wallet Based on a decentralized multi-chain wallet that supports the Filecoin ecosystem, Fox Wallet is committed to becoming the safest and easiest basic tool for users to enter the world of blockchain. First of all, the wallet supports the import of multiple sets of private keys and mnemonics, so users can manage all assets that support the public chain through one account. Secondly, as a decentralized wallet, it allows users to store digital assets here safely. The private key is kept by the user and the digital asset is stored on the blockchain. The user is the true holder of the digital asset. The wallet is a tool for the user to manage the assets on the chain and read the blockchain data. Safe and correct backup of private keys and mnemonics can effectively prevent the loss of digital assets. # II. Real-time synchronization of on-chain data on Filecoin Fox Wallet integrates the related functions of the Filfox Explorer, which allows users to be able to directly browse 20 key on-chain data through the wallet, in...
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