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best filecoin wallet?

Hi, I am trying to do a risk assessment here, what is the best wallet option for filecoin? For eth, there is Metamask, it supports checking private key. However for now, there's no filecoin support. Keeping your coin at a centralized exchange like Coinbase is definitely an option, but you are not the true owner of your coin as long as the coins are still there. In accordance of blockchain's merit, the long term option would always be a wallet totally under your control. I've tested wallet like Coinlist, Filfox, and some newly popped ones, but none of there support checking private key. I would consider checking private key as an important criteria for choosing a wallet. Another option is running a filecoin node yourself, but the hardware requirement is too expensive. 32G RAM, god, I've never owned such a machine. Any thoughts?
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