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Arweave Vs Filecoin? Filecoin will win if it's smart.

​ I invested institutionally strong in Filecoin and reaped good profits.I'm seeing an Arweave coming up with a proposal that no storage network will be able to accomplish in the future they've patented the idea in the US. ​ HOW can FILECOIN who is stronger at this point win Arweave before a war breaks out that Filecoin could lose in the future? Arweave is not worth 1,5% of Filecoin, buy Arweave or all the useful tokens you get and control the project and its governance and the future of decentralized storage will be dominated by Filecoin. Silicon Valley Strategy - buy the weaker one before he gets strong and beat you when he has a good project. Arweave token prices this growing very if Filecoin expect will most likely remember me in the future. ​ [](
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