Gathering your opinon on potential moves.

FEG TokenFEG Token
self.FegToken_Official1m ago
Many have asked about the ROX token as we have asked the opinion of the community about moving FEG to a SD token (not a final decision, simply a question to see what the community feels). We are currently working on recovering the liquidity of the R0X token with 3 security agencies. If we are able to recover these funds we can inject that liquidity back into R0X either individually if decided or merge the new possible FEGtoken and R0X token together. Both potentially being on NEW FULLY AUDITED SD CONTRACTS they would have the same benefits of SD (Asset-backing, SmartLending, CEX friendly listing, all SD tokens would have a transaction tax that supplies Staking, Marketing, and Development of the potential new token, increase the ability to list on CMC, CG, and CEX's) so it would make sense to merge and give all of the best attributes to one token that governs all of the ecosystem. I'd also like to mention that we have to rebuild several contracts on the current DEX, once those contracts are rebuilt they will have to be audited. We will be able to implement additional Staking, Marketing, and Development fees on the DEX through the Swap contracts as we had before with a fair percentage. If we are not able to recover the liquidity from the exploiter, we will work for a liquidity generation (more info to come on Thursday during the community "Townhall" event) at 8pm UTC. Again, these decisions are not final. They are only suggestions by the team and community and will be voted for on-blockchain when the voting system is built. These open discussions may not always be comfortable but they are necessary for ideas and growth, regardless if you agree or disagree we thank you for voting and sharing your ideas. 💪🏽🦍❤️