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In the latest news, Unity China officially endorsed the up-and-coming AAA game Fusionist as 

one of the better games made on the Unity engine. Since the engine announced a game combining build simulation, turn-based combat, and 4X gameplay elements last November, Fusionist has gained tremendous momentum on Discord (940,000 members) and Twitter (821,000 followers), respectively making it one of the most highly anticipated games in the industry. Fusionist is a great example of a game that showcases the practical implementation of the latest features of the Unity game engine. It's intricate visuals and exciting gameplay boldly showcase the vast potential of Unity in the AAA gaming industry. 

Following the team's latest technical article, we at Coin.fyi wanted to offer our readers some valuable insights on Unity's latest features and Fusionist's gameplay.


Fusionist has crafted a vast macrocosm centered around mechs and planetary exploration. Players can expect to step into the shoes of a mechs commander and oversee their planet, gather rare resources, enhance technology, analyze blueprints to create mechs, and set up production lines. 

Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP)

Fusionist was built on Unity’s engine and utilizes all the different components to push the boundaries of the game's development. The team has deployed technologies, including HDRP, DOTS, and hexagonal lighting. 

By using these features, Fusionist can portray a physically realistic game world through Layered Lit material. Additionally, the technology allows for Screen Space Reflection. By simulating reflections with a limited number of rays, objects within Fusionist can exhibit distinct local self-shadowing, even when they receive minimal ambient light. This enhances the volumetric perception of objects and the overall realism of light and shadow within the scene. Enabling these effects can substantially enhance the quality of graphics, as illustrated by the comparison between activating and deactivating them:

Team and Future Roadmap

The Fusionist project team has 47 full-time members, all professionals in the gaming industry. Gaining a lot of traction already, the games Endurance Network has been live on mainnet already since the end of January 2023, furthering their success Fusionist’s first NFT drop sold out on Binance NFT with 11x oversubscriptions. More information will follow in the upcoming English Unity announcement. Finally, the game is planning for an official launch on the Steam platform towards the end of 2023.

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