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Tomb finance strategy

Hi guys. Hoping to get some thoughts on my tomb finance strategy and how it compares to what others are doing. In the past I staked ftm-tshares and autocompound using reaper or beefy (tried both). It was nice seeing my LP rise fairly quickly. Currently I have decided on the following Ftm-tomb Lp > earns Tshares > stake in ftm-tshares LP > Tshares reward into masonry > masonry tomb reward back into ftm-tomb LP. Currently I want earning about 80% (I think) of what I was earning just compounding ftm-tshares but this should increase as masonry rewards ramp up after debt. My reasoning is - risk management. Risk is spread out. Tshares super volatile while ftm-tomb much safer - ability to go in on tbonds if opportunity presents itself. - amassing tomb and Tshares - if Tshares are up significantly there is option of selling what is in masonry and adding to LPs... How does this compare to what everyone else is doing?
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How did Fantom Ecosystem's TVL reached $10bn so quickly!

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