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Tomb and synthetic versions of tokens

I'm trying to get my head around tomb finance, and projects that are copying it. I'm struggling to see the benefit of such a token to the ecosystem, and wondering whether what's going on in this sort of innovation is an analogue to fractional reserve banking, and therefore will have the effect of diluting the token supply/stealing value from the official blockchain token. The documentation claims they have the desire to 'increase liquidity'. I don't see how there could be anything one could do with the tomb token that one couldn't do with ftm, except to play the game of seignorage. And I get the impression that the tomb-ftm pools have created a lot of activity on the fantom blockchain, a demand which looks to me like a hall of mirrors... something along the lines of: the demand for ftm is being driven by the demand generated by creating a synthetic version of ftm in order to get seigniorage profits. Where does all this end up? Am I missing a real value proposition in this?
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