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The Evolving Forest ! A new spectacular Play-to-Earn on Fantom

Multifarm meets the Fantom-based Evolving Forest, who are testing the boundaries of NFTs, gaming and DeFi.

Source: Q: Hello Evolving Forest-thank you for joining us! Could we start with your background? Was the team involved with DeFi before stepping into the NFT world?

The team was indeed involved, having worked on several ERC20 token projects, and particularly ones with a focus on NFT integration with DeFi.

Spectacular graphics in the new Fantom-based play-to-earn. Source: Q: The Evolving Forest project is visually very spectacular! We particularly like the unique concept of an evolving NFT that changes over time and with seasons. Could you tell us a bit more about that, and also how the project came about?

The idea came from some of our past projects, and how could one incorporate gamification while simultaneously increasing user-engagement. Having an NFT holder actually interact and change their item through smart contract actions is a fun method of providing value for the consumer. Plus, the idea of “watering” or “fertilizing” a digital plant lends itself naturally to an asset mediated by a smart contract.

“Digi-plant” NFTs can be watered, fertilized and interacted with in the Evolving Forest, and players can even earn income through staking. Source: Twitter NFT holders can stake to earn $PSCI. Source: Q: Will there be more aspects added to the project in the future ? For example, in the way that Mutant Ape Yacht Club happened. Could there be a second generation of cross-bred digi-plants for example?

Indeed there will be — an in-game utility token, additional expansions, airdrops, etc-all are planned and necessary for the game loop to function.

Also, the initial drop simply happened to be planned on Ethereum, but we are actually building the game on Fantom, as a method of naturally building in a scaling solution. Ethereum is currently far too expensive and ...

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