self.FantomFoundation2m ago
I understand the HEAVY ponzi vibes from tomb and tshare but they can both undeniably make you money in the short term. If you’re bullish on ftm I would stake tshare. Tshare can be looked at as a leveraged version of tomb/ftm. You can stake for a a GREAT APY%. With all these senseless degen plays going around I will glad fully promote this because there is a bit of reasoning behind it, and I have made a lot of money doing it. I AM NOT SUGGESTING TO HOLD LONG TERM. But…if you have the liquidity you can take advantage of the next pump that FTM experiences and make some good money. Recap: Tomb is a printer and quick way to make some good yields, it is NOT an asset in my opinion and I will not hold. And if you doubt how closely Tshare price movement is to FTM. Look at both of the charts for the last 3 months and they are nearly identical