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Primer for Fantom, please share to other Reddits?

[Fantom ($FTM)]( is a DAG based on ["Lachesis"]( technology, inovated in part by (in)famous DeFi Architect [Andre Cronje](, creator of Yearn Finance ($YFI); $Fantom offers near instant finality and under 1-penny transactions and is 1:1 EVM (ethereum virtual machine) compatible, meaning you can effectively copy and paste protocols over from eth and also [add the Fantom Opera Network directly to metamask]( Staking is available in the [Fantom Foundations Official Web Based PWA Wallet](, which has hardware wallet support; [staking apy calculator available here](, last I checked it was 11.5% APR in direct return $FTM tokens. The PWA wallet also allows for minting of loans against your staked assets for any number of strategies, truly in-house DeFi at the core $FTM experience. Other popular protocols available on $FTM: ren.BTC, CURVE, C.R.E.A.M, Sushi Swap, Link just announced live price feeds, [here is a full support dApps list]( [Here is a recent overview by Coin Bureau]( where he runs through it in his calibred way, although I must admit he actually said some stuff which was false fud, I'm sure it'll get tossed about in the comments as is under the actual YouTube video. Fantom's ATH was about .95~c'ish back right before Mr. Elon Musk appeared on Saturday Night Live, which really ruined the breakout pump. But with market sentiment heating up, [it's seems $F...
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