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OnlyFans just killed themselves in time for Fantom's OnlyFans Competitor to Launch

I was meaning to make this post for a few weeks. I'm sorry I'm so lazy guys. $JUST Yours is a legit project on the $FANTOM OPERA NETWORK (A 1:1 EVM COMPATIBLE SMART CONTRACT Blockchain with basically instant and free transactions) Just Yours is one of the first platforms I see providing real world utility on the blockchain. We can take a lot from the potential of this project, some of the biggest I see would be the onboarding of sex workers to modern finance in a way that is transparent and allows for continued royalties of work provided via NFT mechanisms. A decentralized OnlyFans could be a real powerhouse. Sex work is the oldest industry in the world. Workers in the industry have been clamouring for change, and maybe crypto can be the thing to do it. From the whitepaper: JustYours aims to take the Adult Content industry into the blockchain age by developing a platform with embedded blockchain security and anonymity. JustYours was inspired by a shared vision to build a global community of Adult Content Creators and consumers who are unified towards a more homogeneous and rewarding ecosystem. We have a mission to help content creators and consumers around the world to enjoy a safer and more fulling experience in the Adult Content space than currently exists. Here is the JUST yours chart: JUSTYours on $FTM Opera Network is ripping in real time on the news.
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