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FTM · 1w

Most already know that Tomb is pegged in value to ftm, but Tomb is currently around 30% over peg. Meaning if you sell your Tomb for FTM now, you will get about 30% more fantom than you may otherwise have. Then you can wait and rebuy your tomb (for liquidity etc) when tomb gets closer to/ below peg.

Not financial advice, and please lemme know if any of you can think of any downsides to balance out this strategy. Personally, I think it's worth considering, as the tomb-ftm peg generally seems to restore itself every few weeks or so and 30% more ftm is no small amount depending on how much you have invested! But if you haven't done much research into this yourself, see what people have to say in the replies instead of immediately yeeting your tomb into ftm after reading, pls. : )
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FTM -17.10% · · 10h

What do you think about this?

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